Can ISN provide me with information concerning scholarships, tuition fees or other requirements at the UvA or HvA?

No, ISN Amsterdam is a student-run organisation that organizes activities for international students in Amsterdam and provides them with opportunities to learn about Dutch culture and to make new friends. Although we closely collaborate with the UvA and HvA in this area, we aren’t an official part of these institutions. Therefore we can’t provide international students with all the information they might need about scholarships, tuition and fees, language requirements and so on. We recommend to take a look at one of the following pages:

Information concerning scholarships and tuition fees at the UvA <--break->

English language requirements at the UvA

All the above information for the HvA programmes, you’ll find under ‘practical matters’ on the pages of the specific programmes. A short list of the various tracks <--break-><--break-> <--break-> <--break-> <--break->



Can ISN help me with my application for Dutch universities or write recommendation letters?

No, as mentioned above ISN is a student-run organisation that isn’t part of the university.

Therefore we aren’t able to write recommendation letters for other universities.

For information about university applications go to one of the following pages:

How to apply for the different programmes offered at the UvA<--break-><--break->

How to apply for the HvA programmes 

<--break-> <--break-><--break-><--break-><--break->





Where can I find information about the courses at the UvA and HvA and their schedules?

The official website of the University of Amsterdam offers a lot of information about the various study programmes offered at the UvA.


For information about the courses you could choose for your exchange program

For information about bachelor’s programmes completely taught in English

For all other bachelor’s programmes go to the following (Dutch) page

For information about the Master’s programmes in English go to

For information about the courses you could choose for your exchange program

For an overview of the completely English programmes

For an overview of all the other (mostly Dutch) programmes go to this (Dutch) page

Class schedules you can find either on<--break-> .