Meet our wonderful PR & Funding Committee. They are making sure all international and Dutch students get to know ISN, they are in charge of promotion materials and they are working all year long to find partners and to fix you up with some nice ESN Card deals. Read further and find out who they are:

Hi everyone! I'm Hande, I'm 26 years old, from Istanbul, the magical city where Europe meets Asia. And yes we change continents every day! After working 3 years in entertainment sector I decided to entertain myself and came here to get my master degree in communication science. Like pretty much everyone I love Amsterdam but I really think The Netherlands has a lot more to offer so I like spending time cycling and travelling in between different cities. Other than drinking a lot of Turkish coffee everyday I spend my days cycling around Amsterdam, hunting goods in second hand shops and flea markets and drinking with friends. Can't wait for all the fun and spending great time with you all!


Hello,I am Diana, like the Princess, but not dead yet (dark humor). Long, short story, I am from Romania, currently studying in Norway, but came in Amsterdam for an exchange program. Know it sounds like a whole journey, but more new experiences are on the way.  I love singing, travelling and volunteereing. I was involved in 2 major student organizations and I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people who shaped my personality and made me who I am today. I hope that with PR&Funding Committee we will organize events which will make you experience to the fullest the real Dutch culture and will give you only positive vibes.

Hola! My name is Carla and I come from the sunny Canary Islands. most people wonder why I left paradise for rain and cold weather, but really... I'm not lost! Haha! Last year I came to Amsterdam for my exchange and I can proudly say that it was the best decision I ever made. It was the most fulfilling and enriching experience of my life as I never met so many amazing human beings at once.Now that I’ve just graduated, I wanted to give something back and help other international students have as much fun as I did. Remember, you’ll only regret those things you didn’t have time to do!

Hi! I’m Amy from many places - I was born in South Korea, lived in Vietnam, and studies Public Administration in Hong Kong. Amsterdam is my exchange destination, which I already dread leaving! Feel free to join if you catch me casually drinking outside; it happens more often than you expect. I can’t wait for the amazing experiences that ISN will bring us all! Have a wonderful day & I will see you soon. :)


Two years of university in England have passed and I am finally able to venture on my exciting journey here in Amsterdam. I’m Catherine, a 21- year old Erasmus student studying Psychology at UvA. Having lived in London my whole life along with my dual nationality (half Greek half English) I am thrilled to be a part of all the highly anticipated and exciting events ISN has on offer. My hope is to ensure that other international students, like me, who have chosen to make Amsterdam their home will be able to take full advantage of the breadth of exciting activities that are available.