Meet our wonderful PR & Funding Committee. They are making sure all international and Dutch students get to know ISN, they are in charge of promotion materials and they are working all year long to find partners and to fix you up with some nice ESN Card deals. Read further and find out what they do:

   Leon. Hi there, my name is Leon. I'm 23 years old and currently doing the master International Relations. I was born in a town north of Amsterdam, and if you like cheese you most certainly have to visit Alkmaar. After doing language courses in the UK and Spain I knew how much fun it was to meet people from around the globe. The ISN buddy program got my attention and this year I'll be involved in the PR & Funding Committee. I wish you all a good stay and obviously hope to see you around at the ISN events!

  Katerina. My name is Katerina Anthi, born and raised in Greece ,I'm 24 years old  Bachelor student, studying Economics and Business at University of Amsterdam.  Even though this is my first time living abroad I am no stranger to traveling and spending longer periods of time in different countries. I am always enthusiastic about meeting new people and learning about their different cultures. This is why I thought it is an excellent idea to join ISN's PR & Funding committee. I hope to meet you soon!


   Gaia. Hello, I am Gaia, I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, a really big city. I came to Amsterdam to do my Masters in Argumentation. I am a Public Relations agent and love working with everything related to Communications. 
I have a passion for travelling and writing, so I try to join both in a blog. You can find  me dancing in clubs, drinking beers outside, exploring the town or watching Netflix. I am a big fan of tv series ;). I joined the PR&Funding committee because I like the field a lot and working with international people is a very nice bonus.


  Jern Ken.  I'm Jern Ken from Malaysia, studying BSc Communication Science at UvA. I enjoy being outside running, cycling or simply reading in a park - reasons why I feel at home here in the Netherlands! So if you're up to being a what-my-friends-call-nuts like running or cycling to another town, drop us a message to say Hi!