Are you interested in international politics and the United Nations? Ever wanted to know what it is like to be a diplomat, lawyer, judge or journalist? Then the UNISCA Model United Nations summer course, worth 6 ECT credits, is the perfect opportunity for you to express your knowledge and interest!

UNISCA's Summer Course consists of two weeks. During the first week, guest-speakers will give lectures concerning recent international political problems. In the second week the United Nations is simulated. In the evenings, UNISCA will provide an entertaining evening program. It is possible to subscribe for the UNISCA Conference 2017 until the 2nd of June! For more information check

When?: 3rd – 14th of July
Why?: A unique opportunity to improve your debating skills, practice your public speaking, meet international students and it’s the quickest and most fun way to gain 6 ECT credits!
For whom?: motivated students with at least 60 ECs