Bringing inspiration to Netherlands

At Student Talks we believe that inspiration is the first step towards action. With that in mind, we organize kick-ass events where inspirational students from all over the world share their ideas on stage. We are on the verge of global expansion, and we want to bring that inspiration to Netherlands! Want to join us on that trip?


Unlock the potential of your generation

We break with traditional ways of learning and redefine what a talk is by using what we love: technology. The audience can interact with the speakers using Reflections - our instant thought-sharing app, and interactive voting polls.


Events made easy

Does organizing a big event sound like a lot of work? It doesn’t have to be! If you take on the opportunity of bringing Student Talks to your Uni, we will provide you with all our hacks and tricks on making great events happen. You will get access to Student Talks: Event Kit - our digital plug-and- play solution that will help you organize a great event, with minimum time spent on boring tasks.

We also developed Student Talks: Academy, where we train students in the art of public speaking. This way we make sure that our events are professional AF and bring loads of value to the audience.


Connect with brilliant student minds

You might not have realized that yet, but being part of Students Talks is just the best excuse to connect with the most driven, inspiring students out there. Synergy potential? Unlimited. Look, our goal is simple and humble: entertain everyone - inspire some - change the lives of a few. Sounds like something you wanna be part of?


Check our website and unlock the potential of your generation.