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Surfing barrels with wild seals, all-year around freshly groomed slopes, extreme overhanging climbing walls, … all in the Netherlands and maximum an hour away from Amsterdam? Yes! It might not be the first country that pops in your mind when thinking about outdoorsy and action- packed weekends. But, the Netherlands does have amazing possibilities! So, are you ready for some unforgettable sportive moments? We at The Active Place are here to help you find the outdoor sports activity out there to make sure you will find your next adventure in no time!

Outdoor sports adventures wherever you are!

On The Active Place you can find all local spots, trails, schools and rentals for anything from climbing to surfing, skydiving, kayaking and even snowboarding. You will soon be kitesurfing next to Dutch Pros in Noordwijk, biking through dunes and forest in Alkmaar, surfing glassy waves in Scheveningen, racing to the top in one of the best climbing halls in Amsterdam or stand-up paddling through the canals in Leiden. There are outdoor sports adventures everywhere, you just need a little help to find them! This is where The Active Place comes in to serve as your guide and inspire you with lots of stories, beginner guides and tips & tricks. Simply go on our website and enter your location to enter this new world of possibilities around where you are!

Discover the Dutch Outdoor community!

Throughout the semester, we will be hosting several events to introduce you to new sports, help you meet other adventurer and get you going with your new favourite hobby. On top of that there will offer you discounts on sports activities such as surfing, climbing and indoor skiing. Just, go to and find yourself an exciting and challenging sport activities to experience the many outdoor sports opportunities within the Netherlands. You will be surprised how stoked and fun the Dutch outdoor community is and what it has to offer! So, get on board, like us or sign up on the website and stay tuned about the upcoming events and discounts we prepared for you guys!

Ready, steady, outdoor sports!

Whether you are in the Netherlands or exploring other destinations within Europe, The Active Place is the website you’ll want to check out to find in a few seconds all outdoor sports possibilities. Whether you are an experienced outdoor sport lover or an absolute beginner, there is an outdoor sport adventure waiting for you. Have an insanely great experience throughout your next semester in Amsterdam and enjoy all the travels to come! We will stay in touch.

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