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Dutch Movie Night: Turks Fruit
Date: 30/03 - 19:30
Price: Free
Location: Crea

For the next ISN Dutch Movie Night, we would like to show you the cult classic Turks Fruit (Turkish Delight). The movie, released in the 70’s, follows two young adults as they experience a summer of love and tragedy. It is actually the most successful Dutch film in history, so you do not want to miss out on this one! Subtitles and a short lecture will be provided.

Full Moon Borrel
Date: 01/04 - 23:00
Price: Free
Location: Coco's Outback

Prepare yourself for a very special borrel at Coco’s this week: a full moon party! Which means that you can have your face painted, wear glow sticks and drink out of buckets. Do we need to say more? You can find more information and more drink specials on the Facebook event.

Date: 02/04 - 21:00
Price: 13 (including beer)
Location: Il Caffe

What is a Beercantus you ask? It's a large scale drinking game that involves beer and the collective singing of popular, classic and cheesy songs that everyone knows. There are strict rules that need to be followed. Obey them, or you will get some beer-related punishments…Read more information on our website and check out this video to get an impression.

Weekend Trip to Paris
Date: 17/04 - 19/04
Price: 120
Location: Victoria Hotel

ISN has yet organised another trip that you will never forget. This time, we will head off to one of the most beautiful, romantic and artistic cities in the world: Paris! Whether you like to go shopping down the Champs Elysee, endlessly wander around the Louvre, or have a picnic right beside the Eiffel Tower, in Paris it’s all possible! Read more information about the trip on our website.



Klamme Handjes (03/04)
As you might have figured out, Amsterdam has a lot to offer when it comes to night clubbing. Here’s a great tip to start the Easter weekend like you should: Klamme Handjes in the Westerunie! Get a taste of the funky, local music scene in Amsterdam and blend in with Dutch students along the way. And the best thing is, we are able to offer ISN members discounted tickets for this event! Get them through this special link, and check out the Facebook event. Enjoy!

World Pillow Fight Day (04/04)
The best day of the year is almost upon us: World Pillow Fight Day! When it's getting warmer outside, you know it's time to go out and play again! And how can we possibly have more fun than by having a massive pillow fight on Dam Square? Put on your fluffy outfit and grab your pillow to celebrate World Pillow Fight Day, together with hundreds of other cities around the globe. Read more...

Easter in the Netherlands
The 4 day Easter break is coming up! This holiday is widely celebrated in the Netherlands as well. Read more about the specific Dutch Easter traditions in this article. Some of you might be travelling by then, but the ones that don’t will be able to enjoy some Easter activities in the city. Take a look at this website for inspiration.



Splash Health Club
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Gillian Giudice

Right after arriving in Amsterdam just a couple of months ago, Gillian decided to be proactive about getting involved in the local community and local projects by starting an internship at Fairfood International. The main part of her internship is organizing an awesome benefit concert May 7th to raise awareness for the working conditions in the Central American sugarcane industry. And the best part: she’s letting ISN and all the other international students be a part of it! So keep this date free in your agenda to support a great student and an ever greater cause by eating some good food and listening to local bands at this fiesta style party. Thank you Gillian for what is unarguably going to be a great night, we’ll see you then!




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