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The photos of our first day trips, Volendam and the Bike tour, can be found on our Facebook page! Tag away!



Date: 25/02 - 23:00
Price: Free
Location: Coco's Outback

The Exchange Party was a lot of fun! It was great to see everyone had made the effort to dress up, resulting in a wild and colourful party. Let’s stay in the right spirit, come to our next Borrel! Find the Facebook event here.

Theme Park Trip: Efteling
Date: 27/02 - 10:15
Price: 30
Location: Victoria Hotel

The Efteling is a theme park that all Dutch people will remember fondly from when they were kids. It’s a fairy tale-like wonderland with many exciting rides and beautiful surroundings. Get an impression of the park by watching this video. This trip is a great chance to bond with your Dutch buddy, but you are also welcome to join us even without one. Find more information on our website.

Ice Skating
Date: 01/03 - 12:00
Price: 7
Location: Jaap Edenbaan

Ice skating is one of the most beloved sports in the Netherlands. Read more about why the Dutch are so good at speed skating in this article. Do you want to feel like a real Dutchie? Join ISN on ice at the big outdoor skating rink Jaap Edenbaan! You are also more than welcome if you have never ice skated before; you can join the little kids at a small practicing area ;). Afterwards, we will have some hot chocolate to regain some energy. Find more information on our website.

Day trip to Ghent
Date: 07/03 - 08:45
Price: 25
Location: Victoria Hotel

The next ISN day trip will take you to the beautiful Belgian city Ghent. We will explore the authentic center with a city tour, where you will get a taste of the history and culture of this interesting Flamish city. Afterwards, you will get the chance to discover the rest of the city yourself. Finally, we will offer you dinner before you have to get back on the bus! Find more information on our website.



Uprise Startup Festival
Looking for job opportunities in Dutch Startups? On the 26th of March the first startup-dedicated job festival in The Netherlands will take place at Amsterdam Roest. This one-day event will showcase 100+ Dutch startup companies in growth markets such as 3D printing, EdTech, FinTech, Media and Dance Music. On top of that there will be guest speakers, workshops and networking possibilities throughout the day. Registration is free for students! For more info check the website and attend the Facebook event to not miss any details.

5 Days Off
04/03 - 08/03

5 Days Off is the electronic music festival of Paradiso and Melkweg. For five days, Amsterdam's foremost pop venues are turned into night clubs to let the whole city dance on the best new sounds and enjoy the finest upcoming live acts. The fifteenth edition of 5 Days Off will take place from March 4 till 8, 2015. The program this year focuses on techno, house, electronica and beats music. Find more info on their website and make sure you buy tickets in advance.

ISN Amsterdam Online Market
If you are a short stay student, you might be in need to buy or sell some stuff such as bikes, furniture, clothes, tickets or anything else that comes to mind. The ISN Amsterdam Online Market Facebook group is the perfect place for international students to advertise these needs. Please note that commercial posts will be deleted! Find the group here.




Splash Health Club
€10 discount on monthly membership fee

Three €15 vouchers



Luciano Guzman

The board experienced a bit of trouble with the cooking during Discover Holland Weekend... They turned to the students for help: did someone work in a restaurant? Luciano Guzman, American, who incidentally could not go on the bike tour because he had to to write a paper in two hours time, helped out to cook for 60 people, commanding the ISN board members in the process. He had just handed out his paper in time. Studying geography and business, Luciano truly did us a solid and showed some impressive cooking and leadership skills, making him this week’s student of the week. We hope to see you at all of our activities Luciano! We just might need your help again…




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