What are useful mobile apps to make your life easier in Amsterdam?
1. ESN app

Erasmus or exchange student? Through this app you will be able get a quick access to the list of upcoming events run by your local ESN section. This app is useful, for college and graduate students doing a semester or year in a university with a ESN section. Local ESN sections will typically organize parties in different bars en clubs, euro-dinners, pub crawls, pubnights, barbecue, cultural visite, meetups with locals, hikes, city trips and depending on the location beach or ski trips

2. 9292ov

​This handy app helps you find your way around Amsterdam and beyond, providing public transport advice for the whole of the Netherlands, including all major public transport operators and the national railway network

3. NS Reisplanner

The official app of the NS (Dutch national railway) is recommended for anyone planning to explore outside Amsterdam. It provides up-to-the-minute information on departure times, suggested routed, prices and even disruptions in service

4. Weer Online

figure out what to pack, what to wear and whether you should bring your umbrella with the Weer Online app. Includes 14-day forecasts for Amsterdam and locations throughout the Netherlands

5. Pathe

When you have a lazy day, when it rains outside or just when you want to check out the new release of your favorite movie, download the Pathe app. There are four Pathe cinemas in Amsterdam, all big enough to screen a movie you will like. Get some popcorn and you're good to go