What is ISN?

International Student Network Amsterdam is a student-run organization dedicated to helping international students studying at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and Hogeschool van Amsterdam. ISN is part of the Erasmus Student Network, an organization, with 526 sections in 40 countries. That makes sure you are going to have the time of your life studying abroad

The aim of ISN is to help foster student mobility through optimizing the social and cultural integration of international students in Amsterdam. We try to achieve this by organizing introduction days, parties, weekend trips, excursions and other cultural activities. We also promote contact with Dutch students by our buddy and coach system. Fundings for the organization are provided by the UvA and HvA together. This enables us to provide low-priced activities. Members of the UvA and HvA also provide the organization with supervision and support. 

Every semester about 1000 international students join ISN Amsterdam. Not just for the reasons mentioned above, but also because it’s the best way to meet fellow international students. To become a member of ISN Amsterdam, the only thing you need to do is obtain your ESN card for just 5 euros. With this card you will be able to join all our activities and get various discounts. Also, you can subscribe for our weekly newsletter to keep updated!

Can I pay with an foreign debit card?

In our office it is unfortunately not possible to pay with a foreign debt card. In a few cases a debit card from Germany might be accepted

How can I become a part of ISN?

It’s really quite simple! All you have to do is purchase an ESN card (5.-) and fill it in with your info and a pretty picture of your face. For more info on what a ESN card actually does/ how it works check out “How does an ESN card work?” Be sure to follow us on Facebook, and join us in our semester group! That way you stay up to date about all of our upcoming events!

How does an ESN card work?

During the semester you can buy an ESN membership card for only 5 euros, which we highly recommend: without it you cannot join our activities and Coco’s parties! Moreover, it will give you some really nice discounts at numerous places in Amsterdam! Since ISN Amsterdam is a non–profit organization we do not make money on the students, we actually lower the prices of our activities by using money from the UvA and HvA and by making deals with several partners.

During the first few weeks of the semester we will sell the ESN cards at the door of the International Student Night in Coco’s on Wednesdays, but you can also come by our office to buy the ESN card on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 1 and 5 PM.

When buying a ticket for an activity you can enter your ESN card number as a coupon, which will make your ticket 5 euros cheaper! You can only use your card number for one ticket, so if you want to buy a ticket for your friend as well make sure to get their card number. In case you have not gotten your ESN card yet, you can buy the ticket for 5 euros more. Then you will receive your ESN card at the activity and you can enjoy the discount for the rest of the semester! If you have any questions about this please see our website, come by our office or send us a message!

When is the office open?

The office is open every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 13:00 till 17:00

What is the Buddy Program? How can I become a buddy?

The Buddy Program matches approximately five international students to one Dutch student in order to meet some local people, explore the city together and just to have fun. 

ISN will organize three buddy activities throughout the semester you can attend with your buddy group. The activities will be on the calendar that will be distributed during the intro week and will be available at our office and online. So you can mark the dates in your planners! For more information and the latest updates, click here: http://isn-amsterdam.nl/get-dutch-buddy

What is the Language Exchange Program? How can I participate?

Based on your language preference and your own language skills, ISN will pair you with another student (granted that the coordinators can find a match for your language preference). For example, if you are Chinese and you want to improve your English and there is another students who is fluent in English but would really like to learn Mandarin, you could be a great match! ISN will host an information meeting, where you can get tips and tricks for starting your exchange of languages. Where the Buddy Program is for getting in touch with other students and Dutch people, the Language Exchange Program suits a bit more of an educational purpose. For more information and the latest updates, click here: http://isn-amsterdam.nl/student-language-exchange

Do you have any Dutch lessons available?

Yes, absolutely! We work together with Taalhuis, who teaches you everything you need to know. There is a six week and a twelve week option if you want to learn Dutch and we offer those lessons twice per semester. For more information and the latest updates, click here: http://isn-amsterdam.nl/dutch-lessons

What is the Dutch Movie Night?

Four times per semester, ISN Amsterdam organises a Dutch Movie Night where you can watch a famous Dutch movie with English subtitles. To give the evening an extra touch, we also invite an expert on the topic of the movie to give you a little bit of background information. Bring your friends! It’s fun and it’s free! Curious about which movies we’re going to show you? Click here for more information and the latest updates: http://isn-amsterdam.nl/dutch-movie-night

What is SocialErasmus?

SocialErasmus is an international project of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) with the aim of involving international students into social and volunteering activities in their host country, in this case the Netherlands. We organise all kinds of volunteering activities, from playing games with elderly in elderly homes, having dinner with refugees or a pub quiz in a homeless centre. For people who are really motivated in helping out and making a change, we also offer long term volunteering projects. For more information and the latest updates, click here: http://isn-amsterdam.nl/social-erasmus-0 or go to our special Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1810778932469684/

What is Erasmus in Schools?

Being a part of the SocialErasmus Program, Erasmus in Schools is a project that offers the perfect opportunity to learn about other cultures and to teach about your own. Together with an ISN board or committee member and your fellow international students, you will visit a school in Amsterdam, where you will be able to interact with the students and tell about your culture, country and the cultural differences that you have come across so far. All while participating in the Dutch society. For more information and the latest updates, click here: http://isn-amsterdam.nl/social-erasmus-0 or go to our special Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1810778932469684/

Can ISN provide me with information concerning scholarships, tuition fees or other requirements at the UvA or HvA?

No, ISN Amsterdam is a student-run organisation that organizes activities for international students in Amsterdam and provides them with opportunities to learn about Dutch culture and to make new friends. Although we closely collaborate with the UvA and HvA in this area, we aren’t an official part of these institutions. Therefore we can’t provide international students with all the information they might need about scholarships, tuition and fees, language requirements and so on. We recommend to take a look at one of the following pages:

What kind of activities does ISN Amsterdam organise?

ISN arranges all kinds of activities, sports, daytrips, cultural activities, parties, weekend trips and much more. You can check our calendar on our website to see what is up and coming this semester. Also, like our Facebook page to make sure you never miss an event!

How do I join an activity?

You can buy a ticket for the activity online or in our office! You can always find the link to buy tickets on the Facebook event, but also on our website and our Facebook page. For each event you will need your ESN card code to fill out in the webshop or show at our office, this will give you a ticket for the price of the event. In case you do not yet have an ESN card, your ticket will be 5 euros more expensive and you can receive your ESN card in the office or at the activity which you are joining. More information on this can be found in the section “How does an ESN card work?”