The 9th of May it's already time for our very last SocialErasmus activity of this semester! 

Resto van Harte, a restaurant organization that actively engages in creating places where generations, cultures and religions can meet each other and have dinner together.

Their mission: Sustainable connection
Resto VanHarte believes that everybody in the society should be included. Losing connection with the society can have many causes. Resto VanHarte wants to draw attention to the loneliness and social isolation that can lead to this and fight it actively. This last thing we do by connecting different people in society so that they can cook together, eat together and, in particular, contribute to a viable community. Resto VanHarte focuses primarily (but not only) on people with a small budget.

Their vision: the recipe for a better neighborhood
Resto VanHarte wants to be a driving force in reducing social isolation and increasing social cohesion in the Dutch society. Creating meeting places to connect, cook and eat, and do activities together are central to their approach. They encourage the neighborhood's initiative to make these meeting places a success and involve all relevant partners. Resto VanHarte stands for participation and thus THE recipe for a better neighborhood and society!

We start with an introduction about Resto Van Harte by RestoManager George Kanis. The activities during this day include helping in the kitchen with preparation, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, etc. In addition, you can also help making the restaurant itself ready for the guests, receive guests, have dinner with them etc. Dinner is included and the activity is completely FREE! :)

Interested in helping out during this very special event? Sign up here:

09/05/2017 - 14:00 to 20:00