While everyone is getting excited over the exams almost being over and the weather getting better, unfortunately, this also means the semester is coming to an end... As the sun will still be shining and you might need some 'Troost' (comfort), we are inviting you all to join us for one last event at Brewery Troost in the Westerpark! 

After this event you could hang around and eat something at Troost or take your friends and set up a BBQ in Westerpark (since this is now illegal in Vondelpark, soo take your chance in Westerpark!) 

Of course we hope you are all sticking around a little longer for our Coco's on June 7th, but for now: let's find some 'Troost' in these goodbye drinks!

PS we decided to keep this activity's entrance free in order for you to pick your own drinks according to your own taste (it's a beer brewery, so lots of choice available)

04/06/2017 - 17:30 to 19:30
  • Everyone is invited.