Time to explore some more of Europe! ISN will take you up to the German capital, a city that never sleeps: Berlin. A city full of European history and culture, but an amazing night life as well. 

This trip however, is a little different. We will not arrange the transport to Berlin, you will do that yourselves: by hitchhiking! This way of transportation is a common and safe way of reaching your destination and adds some adventure to your journey. 

We will meet up at the Amstel Station in Amsterdam at 9.00, close to the official hitchhiking spot of Amsterdam and next to the road leading all the way to Berlin. In pairs, you will from there try to get to Berlin by driving along with those people, kind enough to take you for a ride. ISN-board members will be driving behind to make sure you reach the city safely and picky you up when you get off route completely. 

If you really want to join the trip but do not want to hitchhike, it is possible to book a bus ride to Berlin as well via:

Be sure to buy a ticket for the trip itself via ISN as well: this ticket contains the accomodation and transportation back. After buying your ticket, notify us of this decision.

In Berlin, ISN has arranged accomodation as well as a weekend full of activities for you. After arrival, we have made sure that we all enjoy a nice party in one of the many clubs of Berlin. 
The second day is filled with exploring the city by bike, as well as a pubcrawl at night. Furthermore we will have lots of free time to explore the city by yourselves! On Sunday a bus will take us back to Amsterdam, meaning that you do not have to hitchhike all the way back again!
Final information and a usefull guide to hitchhiking will follow soon!

Tickets contain accomodation and transport back to Amsterdam and can be bought in the ISN office as well as online at:

Updates regarding this event will be updated in our facebookeventFor questions, send an email to activities@isn-amsterdam.nl
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03/11/2017 - 09:00 to 05/11/2017 - 23:00
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