Are you a complete cinema addict or rather someone who likes to snuggle up on a Monday night after a long day at university and watch a movie? Come and join ISN Amsterdam at CREA for our monthly Dutch Movie Nights! 

We ask a guest speaker to introduce the movie and give some background information about the topic then let you enjoy some typical Dutch movies. These movie nights are completely FREE!

de Heineken Ontvoering

Monday the 18th of September  de Heineken Ontvoering, or The Heineken Kidnapping, is a movie directed by Maarten Treurniet based on the true story of the kidnapping of Freddy Heineken, the director of the world-famous brewery. In 1983, four men boldly decided to kidnap Heineken and demand ransom but things quickly go awry. Don’t miss this fictionalized account of one of the Netherlands’ most infamous crimes!

Chez Nous
Monday the 9th of October  Chez Nous, is a Dutch comedy about a charming drag queen bar in Amsterdam that, when its owner dies, is being closed down. Bertus together with other regulars try and find a way to keep the bar. They plan to steal a valuable piece of jewelry from a well secured museum during the Amsterdam Gay Pride. Where will their plan take them? And will they succeed in keeping the bar?

Monday the 20th of November  Alles is Liefde, or Love is All, is one of the most visited Dutch romantic comedies, and has won several awards. The movie, directed by Joram Lürsen, presents the love stories of four couples during the 
typical Dutch Sinterklaas festivities. It's set in Amsterdam, so you will be able to recognize a lot of places. Also, the movie stars many Dutch celebrities, one of them is Carice van Houten, who you might know from Game of Thrones.

Tuesday the 12th of December  Oorlogswinter, or Winter in Wartime, is a drama and historical war film directed by Martin Koolhoven, based on the eponymous 1972 novel of Jan Terlouw. The movie is about a young boy Michiel who becomes involved with the resistance during the World War II when helping a wounded British soldier stay out of German hands during the Nazi occupation in the Netherlands. Oorlogswinter has been included in the Oscar’s shortlist Best Foreign Language Film, and the film has won several awards. 
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