Are you a complete cinema addict or rather someone who likes to snuggle up on a Monday night after a long day at university and watch a movie? Come and join ISN Amsterdam for our monthly Dutch Movie Nights!

​We ask a guest speaker to introduce the movie and give some background information about the topic then let you enjoy some typical Dutch movies (with subtitles of course). These movie nights are completely FREE!


Monday the 19th of February - Zwartboek (Black Book), is a Dutch thriller film by Paul Verhoeven. At the time of release in 2006, this was the most expensive Dutch film ever made, and also the Netherlands’ most commercial¬ly successful. The film, credited as based on several true events and characters, is about a young Jewish woman in the Netherlands who infiltrates the regional Gestapo headquarters during World War II to help the Dutch resistance after tragedy befalls her in an encoun¬ter with the Nazis. You might recognize the lead actress Carice van Houten from Game of Thrones!

Chez Nous
Tuesday the 29th of March - Rabat, a less commercial movie. In this movie Nadir has to bring his dad’s old taxi to his uncle in Rabat, Morocco. Although he intends to go alone Nadir is joined by his two childhood friends Abdel and Zakaria who invite themselves along. Together they travel through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Morocco. The journey turns out to be more com¬plicated than expected, a test for their long-lasting friendship.

Monday the 16th of April - Hoe Duur was de Suiker (the Price of Sugar), is a movie about slavery in former Dutch colony Suriname. The movie is based on a novel by Cynthia McLeod and tells the alternately gripping, romantic and heart-wrenching story of Sarith and Mini-Mini as they grow up on a sugar plantation in the eighteenth century. Where Sarith is considered the most beautiful woman in the colony and behaves accordingly, the mulatto Mini-Mini is forever in her shadow, a slave to her own half-sister. She, the woman in the shadow, tells us about the real price of the sugar…

Monday the 14th of May - Soof, a feel-good & romantic comedy with our very own Dutch Bridget Jones! Soof is reaching 40 and has everything she ever wanted: three children, a small catering business, a sweet husband Kasper and a lovely home. Until she starts asking herself: is this all there is?

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