Do I need a Dutch bank account?

We highly recommend opening a Dutch bank account. In the Netherlands and especially in Amsterdam almost everyone always pays by debit card. Credit cards are rarely accepted in stores and restaurants and also cash is becoming less common. Therefor debit cards are the way to go, and since the debit cards in the Netherlands are always maestro cards there is a chance your different card might not be accepted.

How to get a dutch bank account?

The UvA and the HvA arranged for a service to set up a bank appointment during the all official start up appointment during the official pick up days at the beginning of the semester. More information about this and more information about student deals for bank accounts are found here:



The ING, ABN AMRO and Rabobank are the largest and most important banks in the Netherlands. All employees speak English so even though their websites might not always be bilingual you should be able to figure it out.