GO get your ESN card at the ISN office!

During the semester you can buy an ESN membership card for only 5 euros, which we highly recommend: without it you cannot join our activities and Coco’s parties! Moreover, it will give you some really nice discounts at numerous places in Amsterdam! Since ISN Amsterdam is a non–profit organization we do not make money on the students, we actually lower the prices of our activities by using money from the UvA and HvA and by making deals with several partners. During the first few weeks of the semester we will sell the ESN cards at the door of the International Student Night in Coco’s on Wednesdays, but you can also come by our office to buy the ESN card on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 1 and 5 PM.

When buying a ticket for an activity you can enter your ESN card number as a coupon, which will make your ticket 5 euros cheaper! You can only use your card number for one ticket, so if you want to buy a ticket for your friend as well make sure to get their card number. In case you have not gotten your ESN card yet, you can buy the ticket for 5 euros more. Then you will receive your ESN card at the activity and you can enjoy the discount for the rest of the semester!

If you have any questions about this please see our website, come by our office or send us a message at info@isn-amsterdam.nl




Genki Sushi - 15% discount

What’s better than sushi? Try unlimited sushi. At Genki, ESN card wielders get a sharp discount on a meal that allows you to indulge in endless amounts of sushi and other dishes. The discount even applies to drink, so you can enjoy some Japanese sake to spice up your food coma. 




Coco's Outback - Deals on drinks on Wednesday night

All international students in Amsterdam know Coco’s, the centrally located bar where the ISN Borrels take place. On Wednesday nights, you get discounts on almost every type of beverage, with special deals popping up each week and many exciting theme nights such as Full Moon and Oktoberfest parties. 





Stay Okay Hostels - 10% discount




Lebara Mobile - Free Sim Card





Eurosender - 5% Discount



Check out the international ESN card deals on www.esncard.com, in case you're planning to travel around Europe.

Get your ESN Card (€5) at our office.