ISN Amsterdam
is looking for 8 enthusiastic and ambitious board members for 2017-2018!
What is ISN Amsterdam?
ISN Amsterdam is an organisation for international students that study at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) or the University of Amsterdam (UvA). It is part of the European network: Erasmus Student Network (ESN). Annually ISN gets 1500 international students whereby the goal is to socially and culturally integrate them in Dutch society. We do this by organising a diverse range of activities where students get to know each other and get to know the Dutch culture. For example, ISN organises introduction weeks, city trips both inside and outside of the Netherlands (to cities as Prague, Berlin, Paris…), cultural and sport activities, parties and a weekly drink. Next to that ISN is busy with several projects, such as Buddy Programme and Dutch lessons.
More info? Join the ISN info-evening at Tuesday April 4 from 17.00-19.00 at Crea (Nieuwe Achtergracht 170). Register via the form on this page
Also check out our website for more information, or send an email to
Who are we looking for?
Motivated students of the UvA or HvA with an interest in the international student community that are willing to put in their best efforts a whole academic year long for about 20 hours per week.
What are we offering you?
  • You contribute to the great experience of international students in Amsterdam.
  • You get the opportunity to meet lots of different people from all over the world.
  • You get to work in a professional organisation, in which you develop yourself socially and you attain valuable work experience for your future career
  • You get the chance to mingle on a national and international level.
  • You experience what it is like to coordinate big events on different locations inside and outside the Netherlands.
  • You receive – if the UvA/HvA is in agreement that you meet the requirements – an administrative grant of around €200 per month
Fill in the form on this page, before April 21.
Low on time?
Consider joining one of our committees.  
Description position: The President manages the board and has the final responsibility for all activities of ISN. Some example of tasks are: chairing meetings, maintaining contact with the UvA and HvA, making policy, representing ISN at a national and international level.
Qualities: responsible, socially competent, self-esteem, able to cope with stress, creative, hard worker, competent in speaking for large audience.
Description position: The Treasurer handles all the incomes and expenses of ISN Amsterdam. It is your responsibility to keep track of where the incomes are coming from and where to the expenses are going. You have a budget as a guide, but during the year this will be subject to (forced) adjustments. You are responsible for the debit card, the safe and the payment and shipping invoices. It is also your task to keep everything in the accounting system, pay invoices and roam off money.
Qualities: accurate, responsible, reliable, attentive and orderly, experience in accounting is an advantage.
Description position: The Secretary is mainly active in the ‘backstage area’ of the organisation and has a varied set of tasks, of which the common factor is the written word. Responsibilities include the digital newsletter, internal communication, administration, taking minutes, co-writing the policy plan, updating the website and managing the Instagram account.
Qualities: attentive, structured, able to keep the overview, writing talent, good command of both English and Dutch, preferably experience with Mailchimp and programming. 
Activities Coordinator
Description position: It is the job of the Activities Coordinator to organise activities and trips for all international students. This entails determining the semester planning, coordinating the work of a committee, guiding the group during trips and managing the ticket sales.
Qualities: attention to detail, organisational skills, precise, extensive knowledge of Amsterdam, able to keep the overview, leadership skills, creative, innovative, able to manage a budget.
PR & Funding Coordinator
Description position: As PR & Funding Coordinator one is responsible for many different matters, such as: branding, promotion of activities, organising the weekly social drink, coordinating two committees, fundraising, negotiating with sponsors, managing the Facebook account and designing promotional material.
Qualities creative, able to meet deadlines, leadership skills, able to delegate, assertive, strong social skills, good written command of English and Dutch, persuasive, experience with programmes like Photoshop and InDesign is highly desirable, able to manage a budget.
Integration Coordinator
Description position: The Integration Coordinator coordinates all projects that aim to promote integration between international students and the local (student) community, such as the Buddy Programme, SocialErasmus, Erasmus in Schools, Dutch lessons and Dutch movie nights. Liaising with external partners and organisations that are involved in the different projects is a large part of the job, as is coordinating a committee. Since the position of Integration Coordinator is relatively new, there is a lot of room for new input and ideas to further develop existing projects and start new ones.
Qualities: creative, strong social skills, organisational skills, go-getter, confident, resolute, leadership skills, able to manage a budget
Introduction Coordinator I & II
Description position: The core of this position is organising, planning and executing two introduction weeks (in August and in January) for newly arrived international students. This is done in close cooperation with the institutes of higher education and external partners. The aim of the introduction weeks is to acquaint the students with the universities, the city and each other. The Introduction Coordinators are busiest in the run-up to the new semesters.
Qualities: organisational skills, team player, able to make compromises, negotiation skills, responsible, attention to detail, able to keep the overview, able to manage a budget.